Boundaries are a healthy and necessary part of any relationship. However, when a relationship is impacted by sexual betrayal, boundaries become exponentially more important for healing, relapse prevention and safety. For this reason, we created these resources around defining, building, and maintaining healthy boundaries when recovering from sex addiction and betrayal trauma.



Partner Reading 1 – Using Values to Shape Boundaries

Partner Reading 2 – Setting Boundaries for Healing

Partner Reading 3 – My Boundary was Just Violated – Now What

Partner Handout 1 – A Guide to Creating Values

Partner Handout 2 – A Guide to Setting Boundaries

Partner Handout 3 – A Guide to Consequences

Partner Handout 4 – A Guide to Communicating Boundaries

Addict Reading 1 – Respecting Your Partner’s Boundaries

Addict Reading 2 – Now that I know, How Do I Respect My Partner’s Boundaries

Addict Handout 1 – A Guide to Respecting My Partner’s Boundaries