Banyan Intensive Outpatient Program

(6 weeks)

The Banyan 6-week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is a program for clients struggling with sex and pornography addiction. It is customized and designed around your schedule in order to accommodate responsibilities such as work and family commitments.

Many clients need a higher level of care but cannot afford to attend inpatient treatment due to financial concerns and not being able to take the time away from work. Banyan’s IOP is a cost effective way to get the help you need while maintaining your daily responsibilities.

During the program clients will experience intensive treatment designed to help them manage the crisis caused by addiction, gain the tools necessary to gain lasting sobriety, build their support network and be equipped with resources to manage their ongoing recovery.

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Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Online Intensive 

(coming soon)

Our Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Intensive provides a safe space of healing for women in relationship with a sex addict. We offer a small group environment to help provide community support, a safe space where you can share your story with others, education, resources, and tools for beginning your healing journey from betrayal trauma.

We take a multidimensional partner trauma model approach, recognizing that sex addiction creates a traumatic rupture for partners of sexually addicted men and women. Because of this betrayal trauma, we’ve found that many partners need extra support to move towards healing and empowerment in their lives.

Sex Addiction Foundations Online Intensive

(coming soon)

The Sex Addiction Foundations Intensive centers on two key components: Building a solid foundation of recovery and understanding the impact of the addiction on your partner. To accomplish a recovery foundation, we will use resources such as Facing the Shadow. In addition, we will help you understand the traumatic impact of sex addiction on your partner, and how you can begin the process of relational restoration.

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Restoring Relationships Couples Intensive 

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Sex addiction creates a relational rupture, shattering the foundation of relationships just as an earthquake cracks the foundation of a house. Many couples have difficulty repairing the cracks in the foundation of their relationship on their own.

For those who require extra dedicated support to repair the foundation of their relationship we offer our Restoring Relationships Couples Intensive. These intensives are geared towards helping couples learn tools to begin to turn back towards each other in safety as opposed to erecting walls of protection from each other. To accomplish this, we help couples develop safer communication practices, build more effective boundaries, deepen their relational safety, and address the traumatic impact of sex addiction on their relationship.

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Disclosure Intensive

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We believe that sex addiction is an intimacy disorder, whose damage is created through secrets, lies, and patterns of deception and manipulation. As a result, we also believe that the journey of healing from the traumatic impact of sex addiction involves re-building a foundation of truth in relationships. This foundation rebalances the power in relationships, and creates a safe base of truth to help rebuild trust and ultimately intimacy.

For those who would like a structured, highly specialized process to help guide them through the process of disclosing secrets to get to this foundation of truth we offer a Couples Disclosure Intensive. Each disclosure intensive is uniquely tailored to the needs of the couple going through the disclosure process.