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What is the main purpose of the Partner’s Intensive?

The goal of our Partner’s Intensive is to provide a safe space for healing for those who are in relationship with a sex addict.  This intensive provides a small group environment to help provide community support, a safe space where you can share your story with others, education, resources, and tools for beginning your healing journey from betrayal trauma.

We take a multidimensional partner trauma model approach, recognizing that sex addiction creates a traumatic rupture for partners of sexually addicted men and women. Because of this betrayal trauma, we’ve found that many partners need extra support to heal.


Who is a good fit for the Partner’s Intensive?

Our Partner’s Intensive is designed for any partners who are healing from the impact of sexual betrayal. Whether you are in early healing after discovery and/or disclosure, or if you have been in the recovery process for a while but want to take your healing to a new level the intensive provides a unique space for you to find refuge and restoration.


What will be Covered in the Intensive? 

Some topics will vary based on the needs of the participants, but topics we typically cover include:

  • Dealing with the emotional aftershock of discovery and/or disclosure
  • Understanding betrayal trauma symptoms
  • Examining the impact of sexual betrayal
  • Building new resources for self-care and safety
  • Navigating trauma triggers
  • Understanding sex addiction
  • Exploring the impact of sex addiction on the body and on sexuality
  • Identifying patterns of emotional and psychological abuse in the relationship
  • Healing somatically
  • Solidifying a new foundation of values
  • Building healthy boundaries
  • Creating a vision for self and the relationship
  • Preparing to move from here – Establishing a plan for the future


Why do this intensive instead of regular outpatient therapy? 

We recognize that everyone’s journey of healing from betrayal trauma is different. We also know that healing comes best in community. Because of this, we are offering this intensive to build a community of support and healing, where it can otherwise be so difficult to find other safe people to fully share this journey with.  Our intensive provides a unique blend of processing, information sharing, and expressive healing opportunities in a small group environment that is often impossible to  accomplish on an individual outpatient level. We also take into consideration  your unique situation and will do our best to build a program that meets you right where you are.


What about my responsibilities with my job and family?

We work to find the best time frames for those attending our intensives, so we try to work around work schedules as much as possible. For that reason, we often schedule our intensives from Fridays-Mondays. We account for the needs of your schedule to make our program work for you and for your family.


How do I learn more about the Partner’s Intensive?

If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out Monifa, at or call (818) 435-7847ext 1. We would be happy to talk to you more about the program and if it’s a good fit for you.