Partners of sex addicts often experience debilitating trauma symptoms as a result of all the complexities of being in relationship with an individual addicted to sex. We treat partners from a multidimensional trauma model. We hope we can guide you in your healing journey.

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Banyan Therapy Group has worked to create resources to help you through your journey. We hope these articles offer support and hope.


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Core Fears for Partners

HE’S the One with the Addiction – Why do I Need Therapy?


APSATS is the only nonprofit organization that specializes in the preparation and certification of Partner Specialists. We train and certify Certified Clinical Partner Specialists (CCPS) and Certified Partner Coaches (CPC) who subscribe to a developing treatment model that acknowledges and responds to the traumatic stress found in partners affected by sex addiction.


Is your partner cheating on you? Do you suspect chronic infidelity has ravaged your relationship? If you fear you’re losing your partner to sex addiction, porn addiction, strip clubs, webcam sex, escort services, fetish sites, massage parlors, hookup apps or married cheater sites, then we know how devastated you probably are. Or maybe he’s in recovery and you’re tired of being called a codependent instead of the betrayal trauma survivor you are. Welcome – here you’ll find the support you need. Get Help.

Letters from a Sex Addict: My Life Exposed

by Dan Drake and Wendy Conquest


This book is a collection of letters that reveal the raw and intimate details of the life of a sex addict. It depicts a journey that starts at a turning point: Getting caught! Moving from pure denial through the recovery process to acceptance and beyond. A must-read for anyone cheating or being cheated on.


You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.

Letters To A Sex Addict: The Journey through Grief and Betrayal

by Wendy Conquest


Sudden changes in routine, bizarre and inexplicable shifts in behavior, in the bedroom and out. Emotional distance and excuses for lack of connection. These are all telltale signs that something is very, very wrong. For a sex addict’s spouse or partner, these changes and fluctuations are upsetting and crazy making, leading to thoughts that they have done something wrong, aren’t good enough or that there is some other reason for the inconsistent, bewildering behavior. For many, sex or porn addiction is farthest from their minds or too scary to consider. Inspired by a career of working with sex addicts and their partners/spouses, Wendy Conquest’s collection of letters fuses fiction and nonfiction to astounding results.

Your Sexually Addicted Spouse

By Dr. Babara Steffens


Dr. Barbara Steffens has specialized in the area of sexual addiction and providing help for the partners of sexual addicts since 1999. At her practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, Safe Passages Counseling, she provides individual and group counseling, as well as coaching for partners of sexual addicts. She is also President of the Board for APSATS: The Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists.

Surviving the Holidays: A Holiday Guide for Couples in Recovery after Sexual Betrayal

by Dan Drake, Julia Alperovich, Katie Sanford and Monifa Ellis-Addie 


Remember when the holidays were a time filled with family, wonderful fragrances, and holiday cheer? In the wake of the discovery of sex addiction, we often hear how triggering special events such as holidays can be. The pictures and memories of beautiful times gone by are replaced with hurt, anger, and betrayal.We’ve created this guide as a collection of supportive writings and exercises to help you better navigate the holiday season after sexual betrayal. We hope you find renewed support knowing that you’re not alone this year.

Mending a Shattered Heart: A Guide for Partners of Sex Addicts

by Stephanie Carnes


The media goes wild when politicians and celebrities being caught “cheating” on their spouses are exposed in public. Most of these types of stories focus on the person doing the “cheating”, not the partner who is left behind. After the media spotlight cools down, what happens to these partners? How do they make the decision to stay or go? Is there really any hope for the future of the relationship? How do they survive the shame and move forward? Mending A Shattered Heart provides real hope, promise and inspiration to readers who are struggling.

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