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The intimacy pyramid is a model for relational restoration and growth that balances individual work and relational healing. It address the pain that can be experienced from an imbalanced relationship and locates the healing for both individuals within the relationship, facilitating healthy growth within the relationship.

Downloadable Resources

The Intimacy Pyramid

Building Safety

Building Honesty


NVS occurs slow and covert, unbeknownst to the victim. Experiencing psychological manipulation and emotional distress can cause one to respond in specific ways outside of their normal behavior. Please go through this checklist to find out if you are possibly experiencing NVS.

Downloadable Resources

NVS Checklist


Boundaries are a healthy and necessary part of any relationship. However, when a relationship is impacted by sexual betrayal, boundaries become exponentially more important for healing, relapse prevention and safety. For this reason, we created these resources around defining, building, and maintaining healthy boundaries when recovering from sex addiction and betrayal trauma.

Downloadable Resources

Partner Reading 1 – Using Values to Shape Boundaries

Partner Reading 2 – Setting Boundaries for Healing

Partner Reading 3 – My Boundary was Just Violated – Now What

Partner Handout 1 – A Guide to Creating Values

Partner Handout 2 – A Guide to Setting Boundaries

Partner Handout 3 – A Guide to Consequences

Partner Handout 4 – A Guide to Communicating Boundaries

Addict Reading 1 – Respecting Your Partner’s Boundaries

Addict Reading 2 – Now that I know, How Do I Respect My Partner’s Boundaries

Addict Handout 1 – A Guide to Respecting My Partner’s Boundaries

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If you or your partner are healing from sexual betrayal and are finding yourself dreading the upcoming holidays, please take some time to look through the resources below. We hope these resources can better prepare you for this holiday season.

Survey Results

Words of Encouragement for The Holiday Season

Compiled by Dan Drake, MFT, LPCC, CCPS-S, CSAT-S

Support comes in many forms.  So during a time filled with anxiety, stress, loneliness, and pain, I wanted to share with you the supportive words of other partners about the holiday season.  These brave women come from all different backgrounds, some who are coming into their first holiday season post discover/disclosure, and others who have been on this healing journey for more than 15 years.  They anonymously shared words of encouragement to you, so that you’d have support during the holidays.  Read more…


Holiday Chear Vs Reality for Partners

The Do’s and Dont’s of Holiday Gift Giving after Betrayal (for Addicts)

Alcohol Consumption During the Holidays

Surviving the Holidays


Preparing for the Holidays

Managing This Year’s Traditions

Navigating the Holiday Season with Children

Travel Guidelines for Recovery and Relational Safety

Managing Triggers While Traveling (for partners)

Travel Guidelines (portable recovery program)

Gift Giving Worksheet

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