About Monifa Ellis-Addie

I specialize in the anxiety and intimacy issues that spawn from incongruences in sexuality. There are continuous mixed messages between sex in media, family, social experiences and what is actually happening in real time. This can make life unnecessarily uneasy in dealing with the self and in relationships. I assist individuals and couples in overcoming these difficulties to discovering their true sexual self. When I am not conducting workshops or seeing clients, I enjoy relaxing and taking in the day. I do this through eating delicious food from my husband who happens to be a chef or playing with our adorable Jack-a-Poo, Fred. I appreciate the difficulty that comes with exploring sexual issues. My desire is to help you find your way to enjoy life as you never have before.

The Cheater vs. The Sex Addict

Many times, I’ve heard sexual addiction be referred to as “people who are just cheating.” There is a vast difference between “cheating” and sexual addiction, but this can be difficult to see from the outside.  Here are 7 key factors that could help you identify the difference in yourself or others:   1) Shame Cheaters …read more

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Partner Betrayal Trauma – Where’s the Support?

You just found out you’re the partner of a sex addict.  You’re in shock, you’re hurt, you no longer trust your addicted partner. You may not even trust yourself.  You need someone to talk to.  Your family and friends may not understand. You fear they will pass judgement on you if you decide to stay …read more

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The Cycle of Abuse in Narcissist Victim Syndrome

In a previous blog Narcissist Victim Syndrome (October 2018), Katie Sanford discussed narcissistic tactics and the symptoms of this syndrome. Here, I would like to outline the cycle/phases of narcissistic abuse that lead to the syndrome. It is a very secret and deliberate game that you don’t even know you are playing. By the time …read more

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Holiday Cheer Vs. Reality for Female Partners

Holiday cheer is what most people look forward to every year.  The bright lights, smiling faces, baking holiday treats, creating new memories with family and friends are just a few of the events that bring people joy every year. In society, traditionally, women take on many tasks during this time. In an article featured in Ozymagazine, titled …read more

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